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DUI Lawyer Near Me

Need a top-notch lawyer to solve your DUI, DWI, and drug possession case in and around Sullivan County, PA without the high cost? You got it! If you find yourself at odds with the law and you need a top-notch criminal defense lawyer to represent you, John W. McDanel is your man.

Attorney McDanel has been a licensed lawyer for 32 years and has spent the last 28 years practicing criminal law and criminal defense. So you’re not just getting an ordinary DUI lawyer with John – you’re getting the best criminal defense lawyer in and around Sullivan County, PA.

Let’s get it straight. You don’t ever want to be caught driving under the influence (DUI). DUI is a serious misdemeanor. Every year, drunk drivers directly cause 30% of all vehicular deaths. Moreover, alcohol-impaired drivers also figure indirectly to an additional 25% of vehicular accidents. You can’t make any excuses for DUI. There’s just no justification or explanation that will ever make DUI right, no matter the situation.

Ultimately, when you’re involved in a DUI case, your only hope is to find and hire a good DUI lawyer. The fact is, you need someone who can make sure you get a fair and even trial. You should hire someone who can ensure that you aren’t unfairly penalized. And if you’re innocent, you need someone who can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the police wrongfully accused you.

Seems like a tall order? Not for DUI and criminal defense lawyer extraordinaire, John W. McDanel. With attorney McDanel on your case, you can rest assured, the wheels of justice won’t be turning against you.

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DUI Lawyer Cost

Let’s face it, DUI cases are mostly “losing” cases. And as such, getting a reasonable DUI lawyer cost can be difficult. Sadly, there are even some DUI lawyers who take advantage of the desperation of their clients and unnecessarily charge exorbitant fees. But despite doing so, they won’t even exert any real effort to protect their clients.

This is just wrong. It’s the kind of situation you don’t want to find yourself in. But when you’re under the care of attorney McDanel, you certainly won’t.

Facing a DUI charge is already a huge problem for clients. There’s no sense making it worse with a needless high DUI lawyer cost. So save yourself the headache and aggravation. If you need help with a DUI case and you need a DUI lawyer that’s truly worth his fee, get attorney McDanel in your corner right away.

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DWI Lawyer Near Me

What’s worse than getting embroiled in a DUI case? It’s being charged with DWI or driving while intoxicated. While DUI is considered a misdemeanor, DWI is a full-fledged criminal case.

Look at it this way: You attended a party and had a couple of beers. After a few minutes, you received a call from the office about some unsigned papers. And so you decided to head there quickly. You know you have a slight buzz. But at the same time, you believe you’re still clear-headed enough to drive. And so you do. If you get flagged, that’s driving under the influence. However, if you’ve had more than a couple of beers and you’re clearly intoxicated, but you decide to drive anyway, that’s DWI. And DWI is more likely to get you jail time.

Now, regardless of what your problem is, attorney McDanel is the only DWI and DUI lawyer you should get in touch with. He serves clients in and around the following areas:

  • Sullivan County
  • Montour County
  • Columbia County
  • Luzerne County
  • Lycoming County
  • Monroe County
  • Lebanon County
  • Schuylkill County
  • Dauphin County
  • Mifflin County
  • Centre County
  • Carbon County
  • Perry County
  • Clinton County
  • Juniata County
  • Union County
  • Snyder County

Attorney McDanel has a good record of being able to lower DWI cases to DUI. He’s as skillful a DWI lawyer as he is a DUI lawyer. You can ease down on your worries with attorney McDanel as your DUI or DWI lawyer.

Drug Possession Lawyers Sullivan County, PA

Attorney John W. McDanel is also the lawyer to go to for drug possession charges in Sullivan County, PA and nearby areas.

Don’t get it wrong, like DUI and DWI, there’s just no excuse for drug possession. But whether you’re guilty or not, if you think the prosecution is railroading or framing you, if you believe you don’t have a chance at a fair and even trial, call attorney McDanel to be your drug possession lawyer. He’ll make sure the court gives you an impartial hearing and he’ll see to it that they uphold your rights.

So if you’re ever in need of a big leagues lawyer to help you with your DUI, DWI or even a drug possession case, there’s only one name to call in Sullivan County, PA – John W. McDanel, Esquire.

Call attorney McDanel now and get the reliable legal representation you deserve, at a reasonable DUI lawyer cost.

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