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You just found the top alimony and palimony lawyer as well as the best divorce attorney in and around Union County, PA with the most reasonable fees!

Attorney John W. McDanel is a highly sought-after divorce attorney in Northeastern PA. He well-versed in divorce law owing to his 28 years of legal experience. But he is also extremely discreet and conscientious when it comes to handling the sensitive matters related to his clients’ cases. Moreover, attorney McDanel understands that divorce proceedings don’t only involve the estranged couple. If there are small children in the family, they unwittingly bear a huge part of the burden brought about by the divorce. As such, he also makes sure the divorcing couple understands the implication of their actions to their children. Indeed, no divorce attorney like Attorney McDanel when it comes to discretion, empathy, and genuine concern.

But behind all that is a keen and sharp legal mind honed by almost three decades of family law experience. Attorney John W. McDanel has established a reputation for being an extremely reliable and unwaveringly competent divorce attorney. No wonder, clients in need of the services of a divorce attorney seek him out.

Attorney McDanel is licensed to practice in the following areas:

Union County

Snyder County

Schuylkill County

Clinton County

Luzerne County

Sullivan County

Montour County

Columbia County

Lycoming County

Monroe County

Lebanon County

Dauphin County

Mifflin County

Centre County

Carbon County

Perry County

Juniata County

So, if you are around Union County, PA and you find yourself in need of a good divorce attorney, call McDanel Law right away.

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Divorce Attorney Fees

The problem with good divorce attorneys is they charge high divorce attorney fees. Fortunately we at McDanel Law like to buck that trend.

Divorce brings with it a slew of other serious issues such as child support, child custody, alimony or palimony in PA, just to name a few. Attorney McDanel understands the emotional and psychological toll a divorce takes on the couple, especially if small children are involved. Unlike other divorce attorneys who charge a fixed rate for their services, attorney McDanel cares more about the outcome of your divorce than his divorce attorney fees. He won’t reopen the wound by charging an exorbitant fee. In fact, attorney McDanel has the most reasonable divorce attorney fee, considering the caliber of service he’s bringing to the table.

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Alimony Lawyers Union County, PA

Among all the practicing alimony lawyers in and around Union County, PA, one stands above the rest. His reputation for reliability, competence, and discretion makes him one of the most celebrated family lawyers in Northeastern PA: Attorney John W. McDanel.

Whether you’re the one proving alimony or you’re the one collecting alimony, attorney McDanel can help you. He can make sure you’re not made to pay more than you have to in alimony payments. On the other hand, he can also ensure you’re able to collect alimony payments consistently and on time.

Palimony in PA

PA is one of the few states who recognize Palimony Law. This means even if a splitting couple is not legally married, one can still sue or demand spousal support. Attorney McDanel has been one of the longest practicing palimony lawyers in PA. He knows palimony law inside and out. And just like with alimony, whether you’re the one suing for palimony or you’re the one being sued for palimony, he can handle the case.

When it comes to family law no one does it better than McDanel Law. So whether you need a divorce attorney, an alimony or palimony lawyer, or both, there’s only one man for the job. Attorney John W. McDanel.

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