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The best criminal defense and misdemeanor lawyer, as well as the top felony attorney in and around Montour County, PA at a great cost, has a name. And it is John W. McDanel, Esq.

With over 28 years of legal experience, attorney McDanel has established a reputation as a fearless but fair criminal defense lawyer. Other attorneys hold him in high esteem. Judges respect him and his clients know that they can depend on him.

Attorney McDanel sees the law as an instrument of justice and not of vengeance. In fact, his credo has been the same for the 32 years he has been a licensed lawyer: “The legal system exists to uphold the law and champion the cause of the oppressed. Punishments and sanctions are just incidental. No one loses in court if everyone gets a fair and even trial.”

From DUI and DWI cases to traffic violation and tickets, to misdemeanors and felonies like drug-related cases. attorney McDanel has seen it all, heard it all, handled it all and defended it all.

Attorney McDanel believes that a successful criminal defense does not always end in acquittal. As long as the accused gets a fair, speedy trial, justice can be served. And when justice is served, it is the legal system that wins. That, to him is the true definition of a successful criminal defense. And this is the kind of criminal defense lawyer that attorney McDanel is.

But don’t get it wrong. He’s not just saying this as an excuse for losing cases. To the contrary, attorney McDanel has been known as one of the most reliable criminal defense lawyers in and around Montour County, PA.

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Misdemeanor Lawyer
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Are you involved in a misdemeanor case? No other lawyer has more experience handling misdemeanor cases than attorney John W. McDanel.

While most people disregard misdemeanor cases and treat them as unimportant matters, attorney McDanel sees the proper handling of misdemeanor cases as an opportunity to make a difference in a community. Moreover, he sees this as a chance to save a person from the possibility of becoming a convicted criminal.

He believes that if a misdemeanor charge is handled correctly and the client is successfully rehabilitated, that’s one potential criminal off our streets. You see, John believes that we should not immediately label people who commit simple misdemeanors as criminals. In fact, if they are made to understand that nothing good comes from them being on the opposite side of the law, this may even create a conscious urge in these people to become law-abiding citizens.

No other misdemeanor lawyer shows more genuine concern for his clients than John. Truly, he is an asset to the people in and around Montour, PA.

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Felony Attorney Near Me

If you’re guilty of committing a felony and you want someone just to get you off the hook – don’t call attorney McDanel. He won’t help you.

But if you have a felony case and you want to make sure you get a fair trial and you want your rights protected, by all means, John is the felony attorney to call.

For attorney McDanel, a criminal defense lawyer’s primary job is not to prove his client is innocent. A criminal defense lawyer’s main objective must be to make sure his client gets a fair, speedy and even trial. Moreover, it is his responsibility to make sure the court upholds his client’s rights.

In the courtrooms of Montour County, PA, and nearby counties, if the defense loses but the rights of the accused were protected, the trial was impartial and the judgment was fair, that’s a win for the justice system. And as a top felony attorney, that’s the priority of attorney John W. McDanel.

Misdemeanor Lawyer Cost Montour County, PA

Lawyer costs even for simple misdemeanor cases have continually risen over the years especially in Montour County, PA , and its nearby areas. Not to mention the exorbitant fees some lawyers charge for more serious felony cases. Often times, the cost of getting a lawyer, whether for misdemeanor or felony cases is just downright criminal.

But not for attorney John W. McDanel.

Attorney McDanel believes that quality legal assistance should be affordable and reasonable. If you’re in need of a criminal defense lawyer and all the good ones cost an arm and a leg, what chance would you have for a fair and impartial trial? This is why over the years, John has always made his services as a criminal defense lawyer as affordable as possible.

So if you live in and around the following areas, we want to help you:

  • Montour County
  • Columbia County
  • Luzerne County
  • Lycoming County
  • Monroe County
  • Lebanon County
  • Schuylkill County
  • Dauphin County
  • Mifflin County
  • Centre County
  • Carbon County
  • Sullivan County
  • Perry County
  • Clinton County
  • Juniata County
  • Union County
  • Snyder County

And you’re ever in need of the services of a top-notch criminal defense lawyer, a felony attorney or a misdemeanor lawyer, and you want to keep your legal costs down, call attorney John W. McDanel’s Law Offices now. Reliable legal services at its finest.

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