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Criminal & Family Law

With Over 32 Years of Experience

Criminal Law Attorney Columbia County, PA

Your search for the top criminal law, criminal defense, family and divorce attorney near you in and around Columbia County, PA, ends here!

If you ever find yourself at odds with the law and you need to make sure you have a fair and even trial, you cannot find a better criminal law attorney than John W. McDanel, Esq. With over 28 years of criminal law experience under his belt, attorney McDanel has handled all kinds of criminal cases. From DUI and DWI cases to traffic violations and tickets. From misdemeanors and minor felonies to more serious drug-related cases. Attorney McDanel has seen them all, heard them all and handled them all.

No lawyer cares for the welfare of legal clients more than attorney McDanel. He sees the law as an instrument of justice for anyone that comes into his office. In fact, his credo has been the same for the 32 years he has been a licensed lawyer: “The legal system exists to uphold the law and champion the cause of the oppressed. Punishments and sanctions are just incidental. No one loses in court if everyone gets a fair and even trial.”

He has established a strong stature as a criminal law attorney in the courts in and around Columbia County, PA. As a result, other lawyers hold him in high esteem. Judges respect him, and clients depend on him. So, when you’re being represented by the one and only John W. McDanel, you are in good and capable hands. And you can be sure, you have a sure shot at true justice.

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Criminal Defense Attorney Near Me

Now, a top-notch criminal defense is accessible with an attorney like Attorney McDanel. In the past, you needed to have very deep pockets in order to get a criminal defense attorney with half of attorney McDanel’s experience. But how the times have changed!

Now, everyone has a fighting chance at getting a clean, fair and even trial. Attorney McDanel believes that a successful criminal defense does not need to cost an arm and a leg. And as long as the accused gets a fair, speedy and even trial, justice is served. When justice is served, it is the law that wins. That, to him is a successful criminal defense. This is the kind of criminal lawyer attorney McDanel is.

But don’t get it wrong. He’s not just saying this as an excuse for losing cases. To the contrary, attorney McDanel has earned a fierce reputation as one of the most competent, if not the most competent, criminal law attorney in this side of PA.

Attorney John W. McDanel serves clients in the following counties:

  • Columbia County
  • Luzerne County
  • Lycoming County
  • Monroe County
  • Lebanon County
  • Schuylkill County
  • Dauphin County
  • Mifflin County
  • Centre County
  • Carbon County
  • Sullivan County
  • Perry County
  • Clinton County
  • Montour County
  • Juniata County
  • Union County
  • Snyder County

So if you’re ever in need of a reliable, competent and respectable criminal law attorney, you’ll never get anyone better than attorney John W. McDanel.

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For Legal Help

Family Attorney Near Me

It takes a special kind of lawyer to be able to wield a tight fist as a criminal law attorney and turn around with kid gloves to handle family law cases. And attorney McDanel is that kind of lawyer.

From divorce, alimony and palimony cases to child custody disputes. From child support, guardianship to adoptions. No other family attorney handles sensitive family legal matters than attorney McDanel. As a family attorney, he shows genuine concern for his clients. You might even think he takes family legal matters too personally. But that’s not the case. Attorney McDanel just understands how difficult it is for families to undergo legal battles, and as such, he exercises a certain degree of empathy. And attorney McDanel’s empathetic approach to his clients has made him one of the most sought-after family attorneys in PA.

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Divorce Attorney PA

Attorney McDanel’s natural tendency to be empathetic to his clients makes him an effective divorce attorney. He is able to handle the sensitive nuances of divorce law and proceedings. In fact, despite being known as a fearless criminal law attorney, he is also known as a sensible, discreet and highly reliable divorce attorney – perhaps the best in Columbia County, PA.

So, if ever you’re in need of the most competent criminal law attorney in and around Columbia County, PA, and you want someone who’s an expert a criminal attorney as he is a family and divorce attorney, call attorney John W. McDanel’s office and you’ll never be in the losing side of law.

DUI, DWI, and Drug Lawyer

Don’t let yourself be unfairly punished for things like a DUI or drug possession.

Child Custody Lawyer

Defend your bond with your child and make sure you’re getting the time with them you deserve.

Misdemeanor and Felony Lawyer

Whether you committed a misdemeanor or serious crime, John W. McDanel has the experience to help.

Will and Estates Lawyer

Work with a skilled lawyer to make sure your will, estate, and inheritance are handled correctly.

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